Our Company actively works in cooperation with various scientific, medical, research-and-production, as well as high-educational organizations of Russian Federation. Today we have contacts and conduct joint perspective scientific research in cooperation with:

– Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute “MONIKI” named after M.F.Vladimirskiy;
– National Medical Research Center of Otorhinolaryngology;
– National Medical Research Center for therapy and preventive medicine;
– State Scientific and Production Company “Ciklon-test”;
– LLC Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Clinic “REVITONIKA”;
– LLC “R&D Center EOS-Medica”;
– Joint stock company “Yelatma Instrument Making Plant” (ELAMED)

and together with a number of other enterprises and institutions of our country. Also, we have close international contacts and cooperation with the University of St. Andrews (Scotland), with the Samsung company (South Korea) and are establishing contacts with manufacturers of medical equipment in China.