Electronic “Mustard Plaster”

The “Electronic Mustard Plaster” physiotherapeutic device is our second research project, which underwent substantive examination at the Skolkovo Foundation in the summer of 2023. All five independent experts rated the project positively on a maximum 5-point scale! According to the Minutes of the meeting of the Expert Board of the Non-Profit Organization of the Development Fund of the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies No. P23016 dated 08/16/2023, this our project is also recognized as meeting all the requirements for conferring the status of Skolkovo Participant. In this device, the active physical factor that provides the therapeutic effect is heat. Heat is created on the surface of the skin due to direct contact of the skin with the heating element of the “mustard plaster”, made on a fabric base made of carbon fibers, as well as in the volume of the body area under the “mustard plaster” due to the action of infrared (IR) radiation penetrating into the tissue with a wavelength of 850 nm. Scientific results on the study of the effect of therapeutic (low-intensity) laser radiation on blood microcirculation in the irradiation zone showed that changes in blood microcirculation (the main therapeutic effect of low-intensity laser therapy) occur only when tissues are heated (see articles in the journal “Doctor” No. 7, 2015., pp. 18-23 and No. 8, 2015, pp. 16-23). Accordingly, the necessary heating powers and temperatures to achieve a pronounced effect were studied together with doctors. It took about 5 years.

Today, the idea of physiotherapeutic treatment with local surface and volumetric heating has already been implemented in the final version of the prototype device. RF patent No. 2785254 dated 06/02/2021 was received for the design of heaters. Scientific publications are being prepared and other results of intellectual properties (IPs) are being prepared for registration. Engineering and technical research is being conducted to optimize the design and reduce its cost. It is not so easy to create such devices with the desired price/functionality ratio and meeting all government safety standards (and there are special requirements for medical equipment) without in-depth engineering research and breakthrough ideas. Today, our company, together with our general industrial partner JSC “Cyclone-Test”, is initiating a project for the final stage of R&D, state acceptance testing and registration of the device by Roszdravnadzor. Options for financing the project are being sought. At the production base of the second our industrial partner, PRACTIC-M LLC, the heating elements of the “Electronic Mustard Plaster” physiotherapeutic device we create are now being prepared for production.