Our company is focused on the production of our own products for medical and biological diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, as well as components for them. One of the first developments to be brought to the market is now the physiotherapy device “Electronic “Mustard Plaster””, the development of which began from the first days of our company. The development of a professional version of the tonometer for diabetic patients is close to completion. This project is being carried out jointly with JSC “Elatomsky Instrument Plant”. The issue of a production of a non-invasive multifunctional diagnostic system “Multicom” is also being considered. This system is intended for solving problems of dermatology and cosmetic surgery. The prototype of the system and the diagnostic technology was developed at “MONIKI” named after M.F. Vladimirsky. Our company takes on the role of an industrial partner of the project to bring the development to the level of a commercial product.