Our company is focused on research and development aimed at the subsequent creation, production and release of our own products for medical and biological diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, blocks, modules and software for it. Some of the research results obtained, which today have been brought to the level of prototypes, patented, etc., can already be considered as own intermediate products of ODS-MED LLC.

One of the first such developments, brought to the level of prototypes of devices and planned to be put on the market in the near future, is the physiotherapeutic device “Electronic “mustard plaster””, the development of which began in parallel with the main Skolkovo project almost from the first days of our LLC life. At the final stage of readiness is the non-invasive optical flowmeter & oximeter “Flowmeter-A” for studies in animal. It is based on a part of results of our main project, including ideas of the patent for the invention of the Russian Federation No. 2636880 “Device for non-invasive measurement of blood microcirculation flow” – the predecessor of our LLC – R&D Centre “EOS-Medica” LLC (former Skolkovo participant No. 1121117, which was taken away from the project team). It also implements the ideas of a block-modular design of a multifunctional oximeter.

The issue of participation in the research and development of a non-invasive multifunctional diagnostic system “Multicom”, designed to solve problems of dermatology and cosmetic surgery, is also being considered. The first prototype of the system and diagnostic technology was developed at the MONIKI named after A.I. M.F. Vladimirsky. Our company is considering the possibility of becoming an industrial partner of the project to bring the development to the level of a commercial product.