This development is at the final stage of readiness. Non-invasive optical flowmeter “Flowmetr-A” with oximetry function is designed for physiological research in laboratory animals. Its principle of operation and design features are based on results of the main project, including implementing the ideas of the patent for the invention of the Russian Federation No. 2636880 “Device for non-invasive measurement of blood microcirculation flow” of the predecessor of our LLC – R&D Center EOS-Medica LLC (former Skolkovo participant for No. 1121117, selected from the project team). The device also implements the ideas of the block-modular design of a multifunctional oximeter. “Flowmeter-A” allows non-invasively (in vivo) recording of tissue perfusion index with blood (optical fluctuation flowmetry technique) and tissue saturation of blood oxyhaemoglobin (optical tissue oximetry technique) using optical fiber probes. Remote heaters allow to carry out a thermal test with local heating and control the temperature in a measurement area. The device does not contain laser radiation sources, therefore it does not require certification for laser safety and a special “laser” cabinet.

The device is planned for release in mid-2025 in six modifications (settings), differing in the number of channels (1 or 2), the presence or absence of the oximetry function, the presence or absence of heaters in the measuring channels. Figure 1 shows a version of a 2-channel flowmeter-oximeter with an optical fiber probe attached in the first channel and a heater in the second one. Fiber-optic “Flowmeter-A” operates under the control of a personal computer-laptop. The software is included in the package. The planned selling price without a laptop, depending on the configuration, is 280-350 thousand rubles.

Fig. 1. Appearance of the 2-channel diagnostic device “Flowmeter-A” with an optical fiber and a remote heater for a thermal functional test (prototype).

Main technical characteristics:
– Used radiation spectrum range, nm: 500-700;
– Radiation sources: ultra-bright LEDs;
– Radiation power output at the optical fiber distal end, mW, not more than: 1;
– Measurement range of perfusion (blood flow), pf. un.: 2-100 pf. un.;
– Measurement range of tissue saturation (oxygenation): 10-99%;
– Length of the optical fiber probe, at least, m: 1.2;
– Length of the electric heater cable, at least, m: 1.2;
– Connection with personal computer: USB 2.0