The project has the aim to create a line of diagnostic devices for non-invasive assessment of peripheral and cerebral hemodynamics based on the block-modular concept of a multifunctional oximeter. It is supposed to create a combined cerebral-tissue oximeter with the function of evaluating the index of blood perfusion (blood microcirculation) in cerebral tissues, fiber-optic flowmeter with oximetry function for scientific research with animals and a number of other similar instruments.

The Project is implemented within the framework of the grant program “Start” of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE), application C1-56654, agreement with the Fund No. 3202C1/48653 dated 02.09.2019. The 1st stage of R&D is completed – the project of the “Start-1” program has been finished by September 2020. The first prototype of the cerebral oximeter was created. A patent application form was submitted, and the Russian Federation patent No. 2770266 with a priority dated July 16, 2020 on the design of cerebral oximeter sensors was received. A scientific article was published in the central international journal “Photonics” (Q2).

At the moment, the development of the design of the fiber-optic flowmeter with the function of oximetry is almost completed (see the “Products” section), and the development of the cerebral tissue oximeter is at the 2nd stage of R&D and at the stage of searching for a reliable industrial partner ready to work on the import substitution programs.