The project has the aim to create a line of diagnostic devices for non-invasive assessment of peripheral and cerebral hemodynamics based on the block-modular concept of a multifunctional oximeter. It is supposed to create a combined cerebral-tissue oximeter with the function of evaluating the index of blood microcirculation (blood perfusion) in cerebral tissues. The Project is implemented within the framework of the grant program “Start” of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE), application C1-56654, agreement with the Fund No. 3202C1/48653 dated 02.09.2019. The 1st stage of R&D is completed – the project of the “Start-1” program has been finished by September 2020. The first prototype of the oximeter was created. An application for a patent of the Russian Federation No. 2020123648 dated July 16, 2020 has been filed. The project is at the stage of transition to the 2nd stage of R&D and to the stage of finding industrial partners.