Physiotherapy device

This physiotherapy device “Electronic “Mustard Plaster”” is one of the first nearly completed R&D projects of our company, which has now been brought up to the level of a workable final prototype. In this device, the active physical factor providing the therapeutic effect is heat. Heat is created on the skin surface due to the direct contact of the skin with a heating element of the device, made on a fabric basis of carbon fibers, as well as in the volume of the body area under the “plaster” due to the action of infrared (IR) radiation with a wavelength of 850 nm penetrating into tissues. Scientific results on the study of the effect of therapeutic (low-intensity) laser radiation on blood microcirculation in the irradiated zone showed that a change in a blood microcirculation (the main therapeutic effect in the low-intensity laser therapy) occurs only when tissues are heated up (see articles in the Russian journal “Doctor” No. 7, 2015, p. 18-23 and No. 8, 2015, p. 16-23). Accordingly, the required heating powers and temperatures were studied to achieve the most pronounced effect. It took about 5 years. Today the idea of physiotherapeutic treatment with both local surface and volumetric heating is implemented in this device. The patent of Russian Federation No. 2785254 dated 02.06.2021 has been received.

The device, in terms of its functional medical purpose, is an analogue of the ALMAG series devices manufactured by JSC “Elatomsky Instrument Plant”. “Electronic mustard plaster”, as well as devices of the ALMAG series, can be used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis of various joints), chronic nonspecific lung diseases (chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, etc.), vascular complications of diabetes (angiopathy of the lower extremities, diabetic foot) and many other degenerative-dystrophic diseases.

Рис. 1. Appearance of the physiotherapy device “Electronic “mustard plaster”” (a prototype).

Today our company, together with our industrial partner JSC “Cyclone-Test”, is initiating a project for the final stage of R&D, state acceptance testing, certification and registration of the device by Roszdravnadzor. Options for financing the project are being sought.