• 15/12/2023

    The prototype of our physiotherapeutic device “Electronic Mustard Plaster” that we are developing was shown at the exhibition in a frame of the one-day XXXI International Conference of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences “Health Technologies”. The conference and exhibition were held in Moscow, South-Eastern Administrative District, and our device prototype aroused keen interest among visitors. Several people have expressed a potential desire to purchase it in the future.

  • 09/09/2023

    Our second project – “Physiotherapy device “Electronic Mustard Plaster”” – was sent in the summer for substantive examination to 5 independent Skolkovo experts. All experts rated the project positively on a maximum 5-point scale! According to the Protocol of the meeting of the Expert Board of the Non-Profit Organization of the Development Fund of the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies No. P23016 dated 08/16/2023, our project was recognized as meeting all the requirements for conferring the status of Skolkovo Participant.

  • 18/02/2023

    For the development of our project “Tonometer with evaluation of vascular function”, 2 micro-grants from the Skolkovo Foundation were provided: the first micro-grant is for the protection of intellectual property, and the second one is for the development of industrial design for optical remote probes.

  • 10/10/2022

    On October 6-8, the International Forum of Innovators IN’HUB was held in Novosibirsk, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Norilsk Nickel and the Administration of the Novosibirsk Region. At the forum our team presented the project “Tonometer with vascular function assessment”, which, according to the results of the jury’s evaluation, was awarded a silver medal. The project was also included in the marketplace of inventions:

    Fig. 1. Silver medalist of the exhibition.
  • 15/09/2022

    Our project “Tonometer with vascular function assessment” passed the qualifying stage and was recommended by experts for participation in the International Forum of Innovators IN’HUB 2022 (, which will bring together inventors, businessmen and investors. The forum will be held on October 6-8 in Novosibirsk. Within the framework of the forum, an exhibition of inventions will be held, where our team will present the project.